For the new year…

Well… these look rather fetching!

As a non-profit and member-owned charity, there will two membership options in the new year. Everyone is welcome to receive support from Pride in Music irrespective and attend our events at no charge as an ‘associate member’. For the lifetime nominal fee of £1, you can join Pride in Music as a ‘Full Member’. This will essentially grant you a stake in Pride in Music as a charity, and allow you full voting rights at our Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Pride in Music is currently governed by three co-founders and an advisory steering committee who define our mission statement, goals and focus for each year. Whilst all members and associates are welcome at every AGM, by becoming a ‘Full Member’, you have a right to vote on any propositions, goals, issues and elections that take place during your membership of Pride in Music. Only ‘Full Members’ will have the right to vote.

Plus, you’ll get one of these rather fetching membership cards! Oof. Further details on how to sign-up will be made available in the new year! x