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Pride In Music is a charitable collective working to create a cross-industry network for the LGBTQ+ community and allies working within British Music, working to provide a rich and varied community for networking, peer mentoring, social engagement, access to the industry for underprivileged youth and education within all areas of the workplace.

As a not-for-profit & member-owned organisation, there are two membership options. Everybody is welcome to receive support from Pride in Music and attend our events at no charge as an ‘Associate’ irregardless.

For the nominal lifetime fee of £1 (£1.50 online to compensate for card processing fees), you can join Pride in Music as a ‘Full Member’, this will essentially grant you a stake in Pride in Music as a charity, and allow you full voting rights at our Annual General Meetings (AGMs). You can join in-person at the lower cost at any Pride in Music social event.

Pride in Music is current governed by three co-founders and an advisory steering committee who define our mission statement, goals and focus for each year. Whilst all associates & members are welcome at each AGM, by becoming a ‘Full Member’, you have a right to vote on any propositions, goals, issues & elections that take place during your membership of Pride in Music. Only ‘Full Members’ have the right to vote.

Any questions please do get in touch via our contact page or email info@

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