The Board

Pride in Music Limited is a charitable organisation governed by 3 co-directors and a panel of board members (the ‘Advisory Steering Commitee’) who all work voluntarily to fullfill the goals of Pride in Music and raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and concerns to our partners across the business; from major record labels to management companies and trade bodies such as our partner organisations UK Music, The BPI and MMF.

TITLE: Director of Marketing
COMPANY: Industry Consultant
ONLINE PROFILE: @cowboystyle
FIVE NOTABLE ALBUMS FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS: LP -’LP’, Mogwai – ‘Les Revenants’, Tegan & Sara – ‘Heartthrob’, Benjamin Ingrosso – ‘Identification’, Lil Peep – ‘Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. I’.

Growing up during the era of Section 28 I’ve always had or been surrounded by those who have struggled with a multitude of issues around of the subject of sexuality and gender identity. Whilst like some others on the Pride in Music team I have been lucky enough to have been widely open and accepted throughout my career, I identify that there is still considerable work to be done to break down stereotypes, to educate employers and fellow members of staff of issues the wider community faces, and as stated in the release I hope that ‘Pride in Music’ can provide a service to help those in need who may be less fortunate in dealing with mental health issues, anxieties, stigmas and the other consequences that arise within these topics and can provide a rich and varied community for networking, peer mentoring, social engagements & education within all areas of the workplace alongside overall visibility.

GUY HOWES (Co-Director)
TITLE: Music Partnerships
COMPANY: Creative Artists Agency
FIVE NOTABLE ALBUMS FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS: Christine and the Queens ‘Chaleur Humaine’, Tame Impala ‘Currents’, The War on Drugs ‘Lost in The Dream’, Bonobo ‘The North Borders’, George Fitzgerald ‘Fading Love’

Whilst I have been lucky enough to always be open and accepted at work as openly gay I have found at times that the music industry can be intimidating place to break into if you don’t fit the mould. I hope that Pride in Music can be a network for people across the industry to meet and support each other as well as nurturing best practice where these is need for change.

JAMIE AHYE (Co-Director)
TITLE: Marketing Manager
COMPANY: Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group
IDENTIFIES AS: A Queer Trans Man
ONLINE PROFILE: @jamieahye
FIVE NOTABLE ALBUMS FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS: PVRIS ‘White Noise’, Taylor Swift ‘1989’, Bring Me The Horizon ‘ That’s The Spirit’, Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’, Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’

I’ve been a music fan as long as I can remember. Not only because of the music itself, but because of the escape it can give you and the sense of community you feel to be part of an artist’s fanbase. Growing up I connected so deeply with music and could only dream to one day be a part of it. Getting into the music industry can be a daunting thing for anyone, if you are then concerned about being accepted for your LGTBQ+ identity on top of that, it can seem deflating. My hope is that with the creation of Pride in Music, we can both support those already working within the industry and be an example to young LGBTQ+ people, from all walks of life, that there is a place for them within this industry. I’ve been lucky to work in companies that have always allowed me to come to work as my true self. Unfortunately, that’s not true for everyone’s story. Work is somewhere I have found friendship, support and opportunity. I hope we can offer that to others through PiM.

SIMON JONES (Board Member)
TITLE: Founder of Simon Jones PR and Entertainment Publicist
COMPANY: Simon Jones PR
ONLINE PROFILE: @simonjonespr
Janet Jackson ‘Unbreakable’, The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, Madonna ‘Rebel Heart’, Haim ‘Days Are Gone’, Muna ‘About U’

I’ve been an openly gay man working in the music industry for 20 years now and I’m happy to say I’ve never hidden who I am. I know this is sadly not the same for many other people though. In this time I have seen a change in the way LGBT executives are viewed and treated. However, not enough. There are still very few LGBT people in top positions within the music industry, diversity is still a problem. I really wanted to get involved in setting up Pride in Music so we can help change this in the future.

MARK FABISH (Board Member)
TITLE: International Marketing Manager
ONLINE PROFILE: @iamfabish
FIVE NOTABLE ALBUMS FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS: Janelle Monae ‘Dirty Computer’, Lorde ‘Melodrama’, Beyonce ‘Lemonade’, Years & Years ‘Communion’ and La Roux ‘Trouble in Paradise’

‘I spent the first two years of my career hiding the fact that I was gay. I was worried that I would be treated differently and that it might have a negative impact on my career. I am now very comfortable with myself, the people around me and the company I work for, and that’s why I wanted to be part of Pride In Music. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did and I hope this network will help support those who are where I was 10 years ago’.

LAURA BRUNEAU (Board Member)
: Marketing Manager
IDENTIFIES AS: Pansexual Gender-fluid NB
ONLINE PROFILE: @rougher_sounds
FIVE NOTABLE ALBUMS FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS: Lizzo “Cuz I Love You”, The Streets “None of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive”, Loyle Carner “Not Waving, But Drowning”, Kae Tempest “The Book of Traps and Lessons”, Taylor Swift “Lover”

‘Being out and proud in the music industry is easily said but not always so easily done. I’ve not always been comfortable being openly and authentically myself and I want to make it easier for those who are coming into the industry now to feel comfortable being and showing their whole selves in the workplace. We need more representation and visibility in leadership roles so that LGBTQIA+ people in music have examples to point to so they can see themselves progressing and leading in our industry. Pride in Music offers people a safe space to be themselves and find their people by Networking with other LGBTQIA+ music professionals and lifting each other up and I’m so proud to be a part of that.’