About Us

Pride in Music is a charitable & non-profit collective working to create a cross-industry network for the LGBTQ+ community and allies working within British Music 🏳️‍🌈

Pride in Music is run entirely by volunteers on a strict not-for-profit basis; with three co-founders and an advisory steering committee who also all operate on a volunteer basis.

Part of our operation is to provide a platform where we can provide a platform to provide young, up and coming queer musicians with visibility wherever we can – they may not have the stage to perform on and define who they are – via contacts, budgets, or the voice to step out and grow their identity; but we firmly believe we have so much diversity within our membership, that can help them onto their next stages of their careers.
Pride in Music is a registered UK charity that is working to create many things for the first time within the music business; it is already aiming to provide or is already providing;

  • A safe-space for artists and employees of record labels, publishers, sync agents, artist managers and everyone in-between to go when required without fear or internal repercussions;
  • Partnerships with festivals like Mighty Hoopla (UK) where we have already provided the opportunity for a young up-and-coming LGBTQ+ singer/songwriter to open the main stage of a major UK festival. A development artist would never normally have an opportunity to reach such a vast crowd so early on in their career and we are thrilled to have been able to have helped facilitated that.
  • Partnerships with local homelessness or disadvantage charities to provide work placements to underprivileged youths to those who want to seek a career within the music business through work placement programs; whether that be within festivals or at businesses within the industry
  • Localised Networking and Peer Mentoring schemes to bring the multi-facets of the wider business together. Whilst Manager and Label Executives work closely in their line of work, neither really have a true understanding of their day-to-day operations and our monthly networking events actively help to break down these barriers.

You can join Pride in Music as a member at any time by visiting this link here, we’d love to have you on board!

Pride in Music is actively working with recognition of our goals with the full support of industry trade bodies in the UK including the BPI (where we sit on their Diversity Advisory Group), The MMF, The Musicians’ Union & UK Music amongst many others.

Supporting Companies:

For 2021/22, the board & steering committee is as follows:
David James Lennon – Industry Consultant (Co-Founder & Director)
Jamie Ahye – Atlantic Records (Co-Founder & Director)
Guy Howes – CAA (Co-Founder & Director)
Mark Fabish – BMG Music (Steering Committee)
Simon Jones – Simon Jones PR (Steering Committee)
Laura Bruneau – BMG Music (Steering Committee)
Dawn James – Spotify (Steering Committee)

Profiles of each board member can be found here.

A copy of our articles of association is available here.